Buttons and keys on Vice (C64) @ Picade


Dear forum reader,

I try to get the buttons and joystick to work on Vice (c64), but somehow it got stuck. I searched on this forum and the Internets, and found a lot of information but it did not help me to solve my current problem.
Which is when pulling down the joystick or pressing the B button on Picade makes it go into the Vice menu.
I changed the default menu button to another key, (was F12), under settings management, UI settings, this did not help. I also mapped the menu to start (left frontbutton), so it is easer to open and close from Picade.

For clearity, up, left and right are working as expected, button A is working as firebutton.
The joystick and buttons are set in keyset 1 and used as Joystick device 2.
Settings in the keyset are:
Keyset 1 Up Up
Keyset 1 Down Down
Keyset 1 Left Left
Keyset 1 Right Right
Keyset 1 Fire Left CTRL

Pressing the buttons on an attached keyboard does not have the same effect. Pressing the down arrow on the keyboard, just sends you down and does not go in the Vice menu. So in game, all the keys from the keyboard work as set and expected.

In other emulators, like NES or MAME the joystick and keys are working as expected.

I can add key, hotkey and stick settings if this will help. I don’t understand who to read them, but i have created them :)

Does any one have any idea how i can fix this?

Thank you,



I’ve been wading through this as well. It looks like Vice can now autodetect the Picade’s Arduino Leonardo and then automatically creates a joystick map for it. You can test this out by going into settings management and then saving the joystick map to a new file. Editing that file should bring up a whole bunch of lines starting with:

# Arduino LLC Arduino Leonardo

What I’ve done is actually delete all those lines and just leave:


Which clears all mappings. Then I go back into Vice, load up that Joystick map and then start configuring.

Here’s some additional info, for which if you’re using RetroPie, you might find helpful:

And a similar person having a similar issue, for which I’ve added a comment.

Hope that helps!

- George



Thank you very much George, that did the trick.

When i saved the joystick settings before I did see all the lines in the file and the arduino line too, i also found an other page on the first site you are pointing at, explaining the codes in there, but it still stayed abracadabra for me.


  • Richard


Awesome! Glad you got it working!