AIY acrylic case - please make them!


Hi, I have on of those AIY kits. The cardboard box isn’t a long term home for it.

Perhaps pimoroni could manufacture acrylic versions?


We’d love to, but I’m afraid we’re at pretty much full capacity with cutting our Pibows, Pi Zero W Kit pieces, and more. There seem to be quite a few available on eBay though, for not a lot of money.


I have one of the ebay ones. Would you believe you have to glue them together with either paint stripper or an acrylic glue such as Tensol. They don’t slot together in the way such cases normally do.

I would happily pay a premium for a quality item.


If anyone should make a case , please let it be a case where the connectors and the pins on the shield are easily accessabele. Not at the bottom of the case where you need a hand with a bionic acmera to see what you are doing !