AIY kit

although it says it needs a Pi 3 the google AIY kit is just as happy with a Pi Zero (V1.3)

A couple of minor points!

  1. They dont give any info about which way round to install the LED lamp (you just need to look at how the leads are wound round the lugs on the holder more loops = + which I assume should be connected to the red wire)
  2. Some of the set up stages using the google website took a number of page refreshes as the site seemed sluggish (admittedly that could be due to doing the setting up on a Pi Zero)
  3. Also if you use a Pi Zero in a PiBow case everything fits but its a tight fit (I couldn’t be bothered to take it off)

And of course the beauty of the cardboard case is that its an ideal place for stickers!!! That was after I added an extra hole in the back for the power cable.


Looking good! Sadly my copy was missing the cardboard case so I’m waiting for MagPi to sort me out. Might just 3D print one in the meantime…

Here you go:

I have mine set up with a Lipo and zero w and it is working great!

Anyone know whether the “Driver” outputs are capable of running tiny motors? Since there’s no mention of H-bridges anywhere in the docs, I’d guess at no, but wondering what the +/- connections are for.

I think they are just direct gpio as the only chip on there seems to be a dac.

Suppose I can always send the processed voice commands to my rover over WiFi, won’t have to load it up with all that hardware then.

Good idea on the stickers mines looking a bit plain at the moment. It kind of looks like a poor mans TARDIS :D

Here’s it in action.

I also made a blog post on it

@major_tomm I have not used your case yet as I needed the ports accesible to set it up. Will probably move it from a Pi3 to zero and transfer it into the printed case soon.

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