Google AIY Voice Kit version?



Can you tell me what version of the Google AIY Voice Kit you have in stock please?

I believe the v1 kit was built for the Pi 3 and the v2 kit for the Pi Zero WH which you can see in the linked images.

If it is v1 do you have an ETA for the v2 kits?

Regards - Jason


I believe the “voice” kit is the Pi 3B kit, and the “vision” kit is the Pi Zero version.


Hi @alphanumeric

There is a new version of the voice kit which includes a Pi Zero WH which you can see on the AIY Projects website.

Can you confirm which version of the voice kit you stock please?

Regards - Jason


Ah, OK, I stand corrected. I knew about the new Vision kit, which looks very similar to that one, didn’t know there was also a new voice kit though. I have the original with the full sized hat with all the servo connections etc.


On a side note, I’ve been hoping Pimoroni would do up a really nice case for the AIY, hint hint ;) Something like the Pirate Radio case. With a second speaker etc. =)


I don’t think the v2 voice kit or the vision kit are available in the UK yet apart from getting them on eBay for a stupid amount. I did ask Pimoroni if they would be stocking the vision kit and they said they had “no currents plans to stock it” :(

If you have a 3D printer you can print your own case out using this model from thingiverse or this one from adafruit.

Alternatively there are other Pi resellers doing clear acrylic cases but I’d best not post the competition here although you should be able to find them easy enough :)


No 3D printer here. I’ll be buying a case at some point. For now I want it all out in the open to get access to the servo headers etc. I have my Pi 3B in a PIBOW Coupe case with the AIY Hat mounted on top with stand offs. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far though. Just switched ISP’s and playing catchup with changing my e-mail on all the sites I go to. And some other distractions getting in the way of tinkering with it.


Hahaha the old classic I’ll buy it and try and find time to play with it before it gets covered in dust. I have a lot of things on my list at the moment :( Good luck with the email change. I know what a headache that can be.


Actually a friend of mine bought it, set it up, got bored with it and then let it collect dust, lol. I mentioned I was thinking of buying one and he sold me his. Win win. =) So far I only have two projects that I started but didn’t finish. And some are never really finished because I keep adding stuff and upgrading them. My projects are here if you want to have a look see.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgUMsp2qnevKpGEHb
The Rover is the other one that’s not quit working as I planned, I have issues with one or more motors stalling when turning. That’s been a long running project that’s fought me all the way. It’s on the back burner for now.


It’s always nice to get a bargain :)

It looks like you’ve been building some nice projects. I like the look of the pirate radio. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar with an old Roberts radio I have.

I’ve not done any projects with motors I’m afraid but my last major project was fitting out a 1970’s Space Invaders cabinet with an arcade emulator, new screen and a redesigned dual joystick and button control board. I built one for a friend and have my own still to finish.

I’m just repairing my 3D printer at the moment after a dual extruder upgrade that’s not gone as expected :( Once it’s done (hopefully by the weekend) I can print you a case for your Google AIY Voice if you still need one?


It may be a long way down the road before I think of putting it in a case, if it ever gets a case. Assuming I start playing with it. Right now it has half a case. The Pi is in a Pibow Midnight Coup case with the AIY Hat on top of that. The Pibow is bolted to an old Nintendo mouse pad thingy. A hard platic mouse pade with rubber feet on the bottom. It looks like its just sitting on it in the picture but its actually bolted down. I have two speakers I’m going attach somehow too. And maybe a few servos etc. I “want” to try a few things with it. Just have to find my round2it to get going.;)