Google AIY Voice Kit Flash image does not boot to desktop

hi we bought a Google aiy kit and this is first weekend we had chance to set it up unfortunately when flashing the v1 pi image all we get is a blank screen or no desktop do we need more power or can you advise?

We flashed using the instructions and download from AIY kit website v1 - we have a raspberry pi model B , when starting it boots up goes pass the 3 images of the pi and then the screen goes blank and the desktop does not appear.

The pi red light is on and so is flashing green light. None of the lights on the AIY kit voice kit light up.

The power source is the official power charger that comes with the pi.

Any help appreciated.


3B or 3B+? The 3B+ may not be supported yet?

I have that kit working with a 3B (non +). Not sure what image I used, it was a few weeks back when I booted it up. Maybe even a month or more ago? I haven’t done any more than just boot it up. Other things on the go keeping me from it.

Should have asked this already, but what are you using for a power supply, current rating?

The image I have saved is listed as aiyprojects-2018-04-13.img.xz. If that helps.


I need to double check the raspberry PI version is there a way to find that out?

The quick and dirty way is to look at the silk screen on the board. It should have 3B or 3B+ painted on it.
It should be right under the GPIO header. As in the pictures here,

Thanks for this just another noob qn the voice board is already clipped onto the pi board using the plastic spacers is there a way to dismantle without breaking the plastic clip it seems pretty solid?

I think you can just pinch the end with the slot cut into it? Gently and then lift that corner. I didn’t use those, I used the metal ones with screws Pimoroni sells.
There is likely a terminal command you can run to get your hardware version of the Pi. I’ll have to google it though if you want to wait. Raspbian may show it to you too someplace.

Just found this, have a look see, might save you from having to take it all apart.

Looks like you just run cat /proc/device-tree/model from a terminal window.

I guess you don’t just run that from terminal? I get an error, file or directory not found or doesn’t exist or something? Didn’t work anyway, showing my Linux inexperience. =( .


Tks let me try these few things , my kids put these together and I did ask them did they check the pi model before starting but sometimes a “yes” turns out to be a “I think so” …

I got sudo cat proc/cpuinfo to output something. sudo cat proc/device-tree/model still shows no file or directory error?

If you can see the board, look for the new WIFI chip with the metal silver cover and logo on it. It will be right by the board edge between the GPIO header and DSI connector. The 3B doesn’t have it.

Ok it is definitely model B.

The power adapter rating for pi adapter is

Op 5.1v 2.5amps is that enough?

What do I check now?

Ok, that Pi should be fine, and that power supply should also be enough. What are you using for a monitor? Maybe try something else, maybe its a resolution thing? The LOGO’s showed, just not the desktop.
It didn’t by chance boot to just the command line? If it did, running sudo startx should load the GUI desktop.
For what its worth I imaged my card using Etcher. You could also try redoing your card just in case its a corrupt image. Maybe redownload a new image too before you redo your card. Redoing your card is a bit of a pain but its what I would do just to be sure its not a corrupt install.

Tks for the update. So it comes up with logo and goes blank.

The video monitor dsub so use an HDMI to dsub adapter so that might be an issue

There was one iteration where it came up with just command line but I think we used a wrong image for that.

Will try a few options and get back .

Very helpful

Any TV that has HDMI in should do in a pinch. Most have an HDMI 2 port on the back. Its what I sue when I want to tweak something on one of my headless Pi’s.

Just an update, just done a command and got this “cat /proc/device-tree/model
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2”

I must have made a typo or something? It wouldn’t run for me?