Google AIY kits and Raspbian Stretch

Hi. I’ve recently pre-ordered 16 AIY kits for a Digital Maker Coderdojo class. I’ve been reading on the Raspberry Pi forums that there are some issues with Raspbian Stretch and the new Google AIY image recently released. With the massive demand for the Google kits, will the code be updated to allow new or inexperienced users to be able to assemble a working project?

Do you have a link to the thread you were reading? I’m not overly familiar with Google’s AIY software, so I’m not sure where it might clash with Stretch.

Jessie is still available, anyway, with the last shipped image available here:

And the Lite version here:

Presumably they’ll update their software, but I can’t speak for them. You can see the ongoing state of development, open issues, etc for yourself on their GitHub page:

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m reading

Also can you advise if I’ve made two separate pre orders of the AIY kits, will they both be sent at the same time or are the earlier pre orders sent out first?


They should be sent around the same time (same day at least) assuming we get enough stock to full-fill the pre-orders. Unfortunately we can’t manually combine orders to ensure this, but it’s pretty likely.