Hi all,

My second post here :)

I have installed AlexaPi to get into the whole voice controlled smart speaker world, without committing myself to a particular ecosystem (yet).

There is one annoying problem with it, which I have seen reported before (in various forums), but have not found a fix that works for me.

Problem: I lose the beginning of Alexa’s replies.

Here is what happes:
[Me]: “Alexa”
[Pi]: the red LED lights up indicating that the trigger word has worked and that Alexa is listening.
[Alexa]: Alexa, I believe, is supposed to respond “Yes?” but usually I get silence. Every now and then I get the barest piece of “Y…”.
[Me]: “Count to ten”
[Alexa]: “…t… three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten”

So, the beginning of the audio is clipped, and I usually here a piece of the ‘t’ in ‘two’. From ‘three’ onwards the audio is consistently flawless, not a hint of clipping.

Anyone else here tried this project? I am going to move on to MyCroft this weekend.