Speaker PHat Questions



I have a Speaker Phat on my Pi 2, Questions:

  1. When I power the Pi from USB, the network crashes when I play a music file. Now I power the
    Pi through the hat and all works fine. Is that normal?

  2. I want to build a doorbell, so my file are only 1 or 2 seconds long. When I play nothing comes from
    the hat. How can I fix this?


That seems odd. What power supply are you using to power your Pi?

What filetype are your doorbell sound files, how are you playing them?


An old AT PSU

omxplayer -o alsa doorbell_01.mp3


I made few more test

First attempt
Play a playlist of five one seconds mp3s with vlc -> vlc and audio crashes (vumeter light up at half)

Second attempt
Play a playlist of five one seconds mp3s with vlc -> it plays :) and it play also one one second mp3 alone

But at start of each file it makes a noisy sound, like plugging in speaker


The noisy sound is something we’re looking into, but so far we’ve only got some hypothetical fixes. It’s a far more complex issue to fix than it would appear.


any news here?

filling char with nonsens


The fix at the moment is to use pulseaudio. I think a kernel level fix might be possible, but it’s not going to be imminent since it’s a colossal can of worms.

See: Speaker phat, loud clicks and removing the alsa driver