Animated Marquee for Picade

Is it possible to build something like this for the Picade?

Dream setup would be to have the marquee change according to the game being played. Anything that works, though, would be fantastic.

If you can get your hands on an old arcade game cabinet retrofitting with the guts of a Picade should be doable. The internals like the picadeX hat, cables, buttons etc are available separately.

Great @alphanumeric, thank you.
(A full size cabinet would be to much for me, even though I’d love to have one. I was hoping that it could be done for the original Picade cabinet, but I know it’s a long shot.)

I don’t see that happening. The end product would, I think, end up being a bit pricy. Shipping likely wouldn’t be cheap either. And the some assembly required would be a two person job. Would they sell enough of them to justify the production costs etc?

You are right, I don’t think it would sell enough. There are, however, some led panels that can be stringed together, but the size isn’t quite right.