Apple Monitor with Raspberry Pi

Hello there
A real novice. I have just ordered the Pi and looking forward to start using it.

I am thinking of buying an Apple Monitor second hand.

The one I have seen is Apple 15" LCD Monitor Studio Display / ADC Connector

On a mac, it drives power from the computer and the connector.

If I were to buy a ADC to HDMI connector, will the Pi accept it and will I be able to use this?

If not, should I go for one with DVI cable as I have a DVI to HDMI connector?

Many thanks

By the time you’ve bought a dinosaur Apple monitor and an Apple ADC to DVI adapter with a power feed ( you’ll almost certainly need a power feed or the monitor wont even turn on! ) you’ll surely have spent enough money to just get a really good, brand new DVI capable monitor. Is there any reason why you want an Apple monitor in particular?

A quick search, and I mean very quick, for the Apple ADC to DVI adapter turns up prices between $100 and $250.

Your best bet- look for a monitor that has an HDMI input, and bonus points if it has built-in speakers ( even if they’re awful they will be useful ) or a 3.5mm jack output for getting decent digital audio out of your Pi.

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Thank you very much for your response.
it is very helpful.
The reason for the Apple Monitor was the looks and the cheap price I was getting it for.

I will look for an HDMI monitor.