Are the new Pibow B+ cases compatible with the VESA mount single layer?


Am wondering if the new Pibows will match up to the VESA mount single layer option, or not?



No. I just bought a Pibow case for my B+ and the VESA mount. The holes in the VESA mount DO NOT line up. The website says the VESA mount will work with all Pibow cases, THEY ARE WRONG. Thanks for advertising that!

I did get the plate to fit by using 2 holes, There are the 4 mounting holes for the case and then there are 4 more holes where the bolt will go through the mounting holes of the Pi. I used the top right hole for the case and the bottom left hole for the Pi (40pin GPIO top left). With those 2 holes, the Pi will be mounted at an angle to the VESA plate. It doesn’t look the best but it’s the only holes I could get to line up. I’m not happy with this product.

If Pimoroni sends me a new plate that fits the B+ case then I’ll recommend buying this to others. As of right now, don’t buy it.


The VESA mount has been modified to work with all Pibow cases, old and new. The modified version should have 4 elongated holes in the corners for the Pibow, rather than just round holes.

If your VESA mount doesn’t match this, get in touch with with a photo of your old style mount, and let them know you need one that has the new style for the B+ cases :-)