OmniVESA - Is it compatible with official case?

Hi there, I was wondering whether the OmniVESA is compatible with the official case?

Since no-one seems to know I’ve just gone ahead and ordered it so I can find out for myself. Maybe it can be adapted if it doesn’t naturally fit.

Sorry I missed your query. I don’t think the official case has any provision for attaching anything to it on the outside.

That said I doubt you wouldn’t be able to mod it to bolt the VESA onto it, one way or another.

It seems you are right, it had appeared that there were screw holes beneath the rubber feat but having just prised one off it’s not a screw hole after all, just a 1mm deep notch. Still it might be drillable, I guess I’ll find out.

I’d thrown a Pibow Coupe case in with my order anyway, though it wasn’t the one I wanted to mount, but for a second RPi which I use for prototyping.

I can confirm it works really well with the official case, but does require DRILLING!!

The best way I found was to remove the top set of sticky feet, and then drill through with a 3mm drill bit. The resulting holes should be exactly the same width apart as the holes marked Pibow A+ on OmniVESA.

Then, it’s just a matter of using the two bolts and nuts that come with OmniVESA to attach it the case.

Hopefully the photos below should be self-explanatory. Let us know if you need more help. :-)

Thank you very much Sandy!

I look forward to modding the case once the Omnivesa arrives.