Aresvk custom picade


Hi folks!!!
First at all…sorry for my horrible english!!!.
I want to show you my third arcade project based on Raspberry PI 3 B+ and the PICADE Kit.

I made my own customization of the PICADE kit adding some interesting things:

  • Added 12 inch screen.
  • Added internal 12v DC power supply.
  • Added 2 voltage regulator modules.
  • Added Led illuminated buttons.
  • Added RGB led illuminated stick.
  • Added ATXraspi for secure shutdown and reboot.
  • Added chrome button for shutdown and reboot.
  • Added internal 2.5 HDD 1 Tb for external rom storage. (more than 20.000 games)
  • Added external USB, HDMI and Giga Ethernet ports.
  • Added HDMI switch (1 IN from Raspberry) (2 OUTS betwen 12" screen or external TV)
  • Added my own artwork printed over adhesive vinyl.
  • Added artwork for button labels.
  • Added 12v LED marquee.
  • Added external 230v power port.

Installed retropie 4.4.
Customized 80´s style intro video.
Customized 80´s style background music.

I hope you like it!!!

Here is a video:

And some pics:


Amazing! Thank you for sharing.


What he said, and a big thumbs up.


Damn that looks like a ferrari!. Very nice.


Wow! That looks great!!