Picade hackathon at work


This is a very entry-level question, so apologies in advance.

I have been tasked with organising a hackathon at work, and some bright spark decided it would be fun to build a picade. I don’t want to come to the hack day only to find I’m missing a crucial part, so would any kind soul be willing to check my kit list?

I have:

  • [Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (B Plus) With Vilros Aluminum Heatsink]

  • [32GB SD Card.]

  • [Official Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B]

  • [Raspberry Pi 3 Power adapter UK/EU 5V 2.5A]

  • 2 Player Arcade Stick DIY Kit USB Encoder to PC Joystick Games + 2x 5Pin Rocker + 16x 30mm 5V LED Lit Push Button 1 + 2 Players Coin Buttons For Raspberry Pi 1 2 3 3B Mame Fighting Stick

  • [AmazonBasics DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable ]

Plus a monitor, a flatpack for the cabinet, and some usb speakers. I’m 99% sure I have everything (I’ve done a lot of research), but I don’t want to end up in the shit with my boss because I’ve forgotten something vital.

Thanks to anyone who is able to set my mind at rest!

Picade is our registered trademark so technically you can only build a “Picade” by buying parts from us :D see https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/picade-and-arcade

I guess I should take it as a compliment that we’ve become synonymous with Pi-based arcade cabinet builds, though.

I can totally appreciate why you might go for cheaper/different stuff elsewhere, but I’ve snipped out the Amazon link so we’re not directly promoting the competition.

Now, onto being helpful instead of a pedant :D

From your build list it looks like you’re pretty much set. I’d probably pick up a case for the Pi to protect it from any metal components left lying around during the build. The last thing you want is a fried Pi when you fire it up for testing.

The other thing you may want is some sort of audio output. You can use some basic PC speakers, or a USB speaker perhaps.

You could forego the expense of a Flat Pack kit and get some old cardboard to upcycle into a cabinet. It’s been done on this forum before and truly embraces the spirit of a hacked-together project albeit it might be a little involved depending on how much time you’ve got- see Cardboy Arcade - Upcycled Raspberry Pi Arcade machine build log

Thank you so much (and yup, I realise picade is a trademark, I guess in my head you are the “sellotape” of home build arcade machines :D) .

I do have some speakers and a couple cases, so I guess I’m set. Thanks again for setting my mind at rest (I’m a software person and have somehow found myself in charge of this. Now I can go pack to scripting in peace.)

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