Attach enviro+ and 2pin fan at the same time

Hi guys, is there a way to attach enviro+ to my raspberry 4 B and a 2 pin fan at the same time?

One way to do it is to use the GND and 5V solder pads down by where its says Noise.
I’d add a booster header to the Enviro+ for extra room under it. Then solder on a male header pointing down out the back of the enviro. If there is room to still plug the fan in that way. If not the header will have to go on the top pointing up. Or just solder the fan wires right to the Enviro+ with no headers.

Looks cool, I already have a case for raspberry 4 with a fan, so I could solder pads down to the raspberry ground and 5v and then use the ribbon cable to attach enviro+ and place it out of the case. Is it will be ok?

If the wires are long enough, and you don’t mind how it looks, should work.

Thanks a lot! I know that is also a way to attach a fan to USB. Would this be a better solution?

That will also work, is it better, that’s debatable?