Attaching the 12.1" screen


Does the 12.1" screen come with instructions? - I am not completely sure how to fix it to the acrylic X. On the Picade instructions for the 8" screen there are some black blocks to put through the holes in the X to stick to the back of the lcd to hold it. I don’t have any of these however - also due to the larger size of the screen, the acryllic X when tightened doesn’t lay flat to the back of the screen - looks like it will need more nuts as spacers.

I worked out how to connect the LCD to the driver board via the pics on the shop page - it might be worth including details of this with the screen though, to avoid it being connected wrongly (as the lvds cable isnt keyed).


The “X” pieces is a friction fit, so you just tighten it until it holds. You should have the black rubber feet though - they are small are you sure you didn’t get any?


I checked a few times - Can’t see them anywhere.

Because the 12.1" screen is large the friction fit isn’t that great as the X only makes contact at the edge and it makes it bend a fair amount, so the center is not close to the back of the screen - loosening it, it doesnt hold it at all. (because of the depth of the screen vs the size). With an additional nut on each corner that might help it though.


Can you pop an e-mail to with your address and I’ll get some feet sent out for you - sorry about that!


Ah damn. Reading this page and having checked my 12 inch screen package, it seems I’m missing the black rubber feet too.


Hit us up with a e-mail and we’ll sort you out! Sorry about that :-(


Before I come up with a solution (Maybe using some tape to secure the back of the screen), I wanted to illustrate the problem I have. Due to the size of the 12.1" screen, even when the nuts are just tightened slightly by hand, the area covering the back is raised. Also the end of one side of the screen is somewhat raised - I don’t think it’s a part of the screen that likes having pressure on it either. Currently if I use the small black feet - they wont do a good job of holding it due to the gap between the acrylic X and the back of the screen.


Also - how are the plastic feet/pads supposed to attach to the driver board ? Am I supposed to tie the board to them ? Would have been easier with some that go through the holes in the driver board etc unless I’m being daft and missing something obvious ?


It’s definitely not a friction fit, the feet do all the work of holding the screen in place. The bolts on the corners shouldn’t be tightened to the point that the whole assembly bends. If you loosen them so it rests on the back of the display, and then push the black feet through the holes in the X that line up with the display then you should be fine. The LCD is sitting behind a solid sheet of acrylic so it doesn’t need to be mounted especially firmly.

I’ve never built one with a 12.1" screen but as far as I’m aware the plastic driver board mounting pads should have little push fit connectors on the end that go through the holes on the driver board.


Thanks - Due to the raised border/edge of 12.1, even with it attached without tightening the nuts, it has a gap making the black pads less useful.


The pads look like this… Square top, with hollow section underneath, hence I assumed the controller board is supposed to be tied to them ? Sorry for image quality/contrast


Here’s another couple of photos - the X is in contact with the black edge of the screen, which is raised, so it cannot lay flat against the back of the screen.

It feels to me as though the current Acryllic X is not the best solution for the 12.1" screen. \


I have sorted it now anyway, by increasing the depth of the black feet, with some other rubber feet.

I googled the pads, and they are def for cable ties, so if there were supposed to be pads for attaching the driver board as well, they are missing. I used the cable tie pads, and attached the driver board with them and it seems fine. (Edit - Just seen at the end of the video, the pads for cable management - so I guess I was missing lcd driver mounts).

Build almost complete :)


Yup, looks like you’re right about missing LCD driver mounts. Give us a shout on support, if you haven’t already, and we’ll ship you some out. I’m going to hazard a guess that having the driver board flapping in the breeze would be really bad for the FPC cable.


Just to clarify, Phil is saying please contact and we’ll get you out some PCB standoffs :-)