Attaching things to a Pico with Pico Enviro+ Pack

I’m currently trying to work out a few things around what I need hardware wise, and how I go about putting things together, before trying to work out how I fit everything into the shell that I’ll have to put together.

I’m looking at using the following things at the moment:
1 x Pico H (SC0917, might move to a Pico WH later)
1 x Pico Enviro+ Pack (PIM65)
1 x LiPo Amigo Pro (PIM612)
1x LiPo Battery Pack – 1200mAh (BAT0004)

I suspect that I’ll need a cable to deliver the power, I suspect that the JST-PH 2 Wire Assembly (CAB1001) might be what I’m looking for, but if there is an easier connection, please let me know!

I’d then like to be able to drive at least 1 servo, and 12 addressable LEDs.

For the LEDs, I think that I’ll need:
1 x Flexible RGBW LED Strip (COM3204)
3 x LED Strip Connector Cable (CAB2000) - I may get away with 1 and splitting it in half, but I’d rather have too many here than not enough.

I don’t know how this would be connected on with the Pack on the Pico though, if someone could explain for me that would be amazing

For the Servo I had been looking at:
1 x DS-929MG (COR-DS929-MG)
They are currently out of stock, and I’m not sure how fast they will be back. I’d love a suggestion for a replacement that I could maybe use. I’m also not sure how this should be connected.

All help thankfully received!

I’d use a Pico Decker to give easy access to the other pins. Makes complicated circuits so much easier.

Those are cool, but will take up too much space in the final build, That’s lead me to the Pico Omnibus (PIM556), either of which I could use to help with initial testing of things though.


Another option is a Pico Proto,
Pico Proto - Pimoroni
and some stacking headers.
Pico Stacking Header Pack - Pimoroni

Those look perfect! Thanks :)