Audio amp shim info

Hi, I’ve some super noob questions about this item:

  1. Can I use it with a rasbperry 4 and will it give problems if I have heatsinks over the raspberry and a camera connected into the camera wire slot? (I mean, will I have enough space if the hat sits on the top of the raps?)

  2. I’m planning tu use it with a 5watt speaker to play music, will I need other components or is the amplifier enough? (I’ve seen it is specified but I’m not sure I’ve got it right)

  3. I’ve seen the amplifier needs some of the raspberry pins, will the others be free to use as if the amplifier covers all the pins? (If I understood it well, hats will not take all the pins, just to be sure)

Thanks for your help, have a nice day!

The heatsink on the SOC may be an issue. I don’t own an Audio Shim so I’m just going by the pictures.
One way around it would be to solder the shim to a female header. That would raise it up.
And if you use a stacking header you could plug something else in on top. The stacking header will give you access to the unused GPIO pins. The Audio Shim uses i2s

Audio Amp SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

2x20 pin Female GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi – Pimoroni

Thanks a lot for your answer, I’ll try with the female header!
Is the audio shim enough for playing music on a connected speaker or will I need anything else?

The Amp version will drive a speaker without the need for anything else. Up to 3 Watts out. I have a pHat Beat driving two speakers, 3 Watts per channel, more than loud enough for my needs.

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