Audio shim problems

I recently bought a pimoroni audio shim (Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp) – Pimoroni) for use with an old Pi 2b for a project.

After setting it up and having to do some troubleshooting, it seems like it only works if I’m physically holding it in place, and flexing it a little bit. It seems like it’s probably the result of a poor connection with the pins.

Is there anyway to help/solve this problem?

Pretty much the only 100% reliable way to connect an iffy-shim is to solder it to a header using either this…

Or if you are adding another HAT on top then you’ll need this extender one…

I’ve been hoping to avoid this, as I have no experience with soldering. But I’ve found another thread suggesting the same.


Try just plugging the female header in on top of the shim. It will hold it firmly in place and should line up all the pins so they are straight. Worth a try anyway. If it works no having to solder anything.

Hi there.

I recommend trying what @neilman and what @alphanumeric said. Maybe it is just that they don’t work with Pi 2b. I don’t know.


I have tried using a female header to hold it in place, and this doesn’t work. I have also tried using the shim with someone else’s pi 4, and I’m getting the same results. I still have to flex the shim to get any sound.

Is the result of a defective shim?

Electronically its likely fine, contact wise it has an issue. I’m not sold on the solderless shim part of it, if I’m honest. I have some Fan Shims that worked out of the box on multiple Pi’s with no issues, and one or two that were a pain to get working reliably. I have occasionally resorted to soldering on a female header, and no more issues.

Looking back on @alphanumeric ‘s post, I feel like, if this was me I would send it back, or get directly involved with Pimoroni via Email.
Is it an Amp shim or a dac shim?


It’s the amp shim. Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp) – Pimoroni

I’ve contacted pimoroni, but they’ve been on holiday break, so I haven’t heard back yet.