Flimsy audio line out shim contacts

Hi, I’ve purchased a bunch of audio line out shims.

The connection to the RasPi pins is quite flimsy, do you have any suggestion on how to make it more reliable?

I have troubles with connecting some of them and it takes a few wiggles to make them work.

I’m also worried they will fail at some point.

Thanks in advance!

One option is to plug a female header in on top of it. It will hold it down firmly and keep it in place. A second option is to solder a female header to it.
GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi HAT - 2x20 Short Female Header – Pimoroni

That’s a nice suggestion. I ended up soldering pins 18, 19, 21, ground and 5V and it stopped the erratic behaviour.

That’s the other option. Kind of your last option IMHO. I try to avoid it myself. It works and if your fine with it, that’s all that really counts.