Wide Input SHIM and Automation pHAT



I’d like to combine the Wide Input SHIM and the Automation pHAT.
However, when stacking the Wide Input SHIM on top of the Automation pHAT, the SHIM is just a tad too long. Thus, I was wondering whether the last millimeters might be, kind of… expendable?

As far as I can see this part only carries some writing and nothing conductive, but I’d hate to break the SHIM if I’m wrong… Does anybody happen to have some more insight?

Thanks a lot.



Does it still touch the relay with the female header it comes with attached?
Just test fit without soldering anything until you sort out exactly how your going to do it.
If doesn’t touch when on its female header you could put a 11mm stacking header on the automation pHat

Then mount the input shim on the female header it came with it on top of the automation phat.
If it still touches when on its female header do the above but reverse them.
Wide input shim on a stacking header and automation phat on top using the female header that came with it…



While I don’t recommend cutting fibreglass PCBs lightly (so much dust, argh!), there’s nothing important under that text so you should be able to cut and mount it on top.