Best way to mount Enviro Phat + Wide Input Shim?

Hi All,

I have an Enviro Phat mounted on my Pi Zero W with headers and I want to power it from a 12v supply, so I ordered a Wide Input Shim which arrived today.

What’s the best way to mount the 2 boards on the Pi Zero? I have no problem with soldering.


The way I would do it is to use a stacking header on the Wide Input Shim.
The 11mm one in the link below.

Female end plugs into Pi, male end plugs into Enviro. that puts your Wide Input shim between your Pi and Enviro.

Great! Thanks … I’m off to the shop again :)

I try to have a couple of those and other headers, like the 90 degree ones on hand. Doesn’t hurt to have some spare regular male and female GPIO headers either. May as well make the shipping cost worth it. ;) It also saves you from those “wish I had known I needed one of those” situations and then waiting for the next package to arrive to finish off a project.

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