Pi Zero WH Enviro+ 10mm standoffs too long?

The Enviro+ is an amazing phat and I got it all up and running in 10 minutes, so well done with the design!

I bought a pair of black headers 10mm/2.5 to support the phat, but when I firmly push the phat into the Zero it doesn’t allow me to insert the standoffs. They look to be 2-3mm too long,

Should I add them anyway and leave a bit more of the metal pins showing? I may be worrying unnecessarily.

Thats likely because the Enviro + uses that low profile SMT female header. I do believe it puts it closer to the Pi. This might add enough space? Might also make it too far away, not 100% sure to be honest?
Best I can come up with at the moment. I don’t have my enviro + yet to test it out myself…

Tut! Ok, so I bought the 4-Pack of standoffs - 10/2.5 - and refitted the Enviro+. There’s a bit of a gap but the pins seem to be long enough to fit and there appears to be no intermittent connection problems so far. I’ll run with that for a while.