Automation HAT "NO" Relay1 LED not working


As the title says. 5 out of the 6 Relay LEDs are working. The “Relay1 NO” LED seems to be dead.
I bought the Automation HAT at Chicago Electronic Distributors and they do not do exchange before I get help on this forum.

Could you please confirm if this is defective or there is a fix?

Thank you

Not that it matters, but what do you have wired up to that relay? Just curious.

I was going to suggest to try turning it on manually but maybe you can’t?
The function reference list the other leds but don’t mention the relay ones?

Thank you for your reply! I just received the HAT, started the to test and then I saw the LED is not lit. The NC LED works and all the other Relay LEDs are OK.

For this test, I just wired that LED you see to see that the NO port is really on. I’m planning to control my garage door with it eventually.

Ops, Ok, I missed the lit up LED in the picture, I thought it was a white paper dot on the bread board.
It must be a hardware issue,
EDIT: after a closer look at the picture you can see that that LED isn’t soldered on properly. Compare it to all the others and you’ll see what I mean. Only one end is soldered to a pad on the board. And you can see the other pad with nothing soldered to it. The pick and place machine must have glitched.

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How could I miss that!!! Thank you!

I kept looking at the LED but didn’t see it, it’s too small. But the picture clearly shows it’s misplaced.

I missed it the first couple of times I looked at that picture. I was going to suggest looking for a missing component when I had one more look and spotted it.
Take a good closeup picture and show it to the supplier you bought it from. That should get you a replacement. I would take the picture with all the LEDs off, unpowered.