Automation phat 14 Pos. screw connector source


I purchased one of the Pimoroni Automation Phats from Microcenter a while ago. It did not include the 14 PIN screw connector for connection to my projects. I’ve looked on ebay for the 3.5mm pitch 14 pole/position screw PWB solder connector and find nothing that is 14 pins, there are plenty of 2-5 position. Does Pimoroni sell this part separate or anyone know of any other distributor?
MIght need to just cobble together a few 2 & 3 position to equal 14 :-)

Thanks for your assistance.


Would any of these work?


Unfortunately not. They are 2.54mm spacing. Thanks. I’ll look on Adafruit’s site again.
Found a good candidate at Mouser- Mouser Part Number 651-1984730 might do the trick.
Or even this one–