Babbage bag memory game

Hey guys,

Gotta support question for you about the babbage bag memory game. My daughter got it wired ok and it looks right… All the buttons press and the lights go on. BUT when the blue is used in the sequence it says we failed when in fact we should not have?


There’s always a distinct possibility I flubbed the code horribly, but I suspect it’s a wiring problem. I await thy picture of wonderment!

one thing nokia is good for… camera!

Hi dude

The leads on the two right hand led look very close, that could be a possible location for trouble

aside from that it’s strange its only the blue is the LED orientation correct?


checked and yes its correct…

the light comes on… just the button press says I lost a live

I tested all lights go on and all buttons press (returning statement in terminal…)

Code issue?

Here is a vine to show you what happens

Also forgot here is the output…

Attempting to connect to PD
Connected to PD
Playing Tune 0…
Pressed button: 0
Notes: [‘g#5’, ‘g#4’, ‘e5’, ‘e4’, ‘c5’, ‘c4’]
Pressed button: 1
Notes: [‘f4’, ‘f5’, ‘a5’, ‘a4’, ‘c#5’, ‘c#4’]
What have you done!?
2 lives left!
Get ready…
Playing Tune 0…

This could easily be a software problem, it’s been a while since I’ve played with Babbage-Lights-N-Sounds. I might have to set it up and test again. Could have sworn I had it set up on a breadboard somewhere.

Adafruit permaproto ;-) I am setting one up when this is confirmed (for the wee lassie mind)

Right so I retested and noted that if I press the blue it prints on the output that i pressed the left most button and then the blue button…

need to thing wire or code…

The code is seriously bonkers, I’ll grab a kit and see if I can replicate!

You know, I’m getting exactly the same results!

so move the LED where?

Anywhere, swap it with another LED and watch the problem follow the blue LED… I don’t… even…

hahah your right!

now what?

Trying to work out what’s going on electrically- we know the Blue LED has a higher forward voltage than the others.

Move the Blue LED to the far right, and see if that helps. Seems to be at least better for me.

Okay! It’s crazy time!

Pull off ALL the LEDs, put them all back on backwards. Unplug the GND wire from GND and plug it onto GPIO 27.

Run this code:

you mean swap the positive negative… or instead of red blue yellow green make it green yellow blue red (keeping the same positive negative

Swap the positive and negative, basically reverse the LEDs polarity.

Just a word of caution- I’ve tested it with no ill effects so far, but don’t press buttons while the LEDs are lighting up!

Eep is that save for kids? My daughter will certainly do that!