Badger 2040 W WiFi with no password

Hi All,
I recently received my Badger 2040 W and am trying to get it to connect to an open WiFi network (no password).
I have been unable to get it to connect to the open WiFi by using the file. Doesn anyone know how this can be accomplished?

Duane Kaufman

Hi All,

I know, bad form to answer my own question, but I got it sorted. The original WIFI_CONFIG file had the line:

PSK = ""

and I had to change the double-quotes to single quotes, like this:

PSK = ''

Then it was able to connect to my open network


That … shouldn’t happen. Must be something funky with the config reader code. Good find and fix

PS Never bad form to provide a solution. In fact I, I have one coming in the mail and would have banged my head on this, so thanks.

Well, today just to verify, I went back to check and see if doublequotes breaks things again, and my board is OK with them, so now I’m not sure what changed, maybe editing that line?

maybe some stray whitespace in the original? once I get mine I’ll take a look. Good on you for double checking.

I wondered about non-visible characters. If using Thonny one can make a duplicate of the original file and name it something else, just for comparison. I didn’t do that :(

What were you editing the file in? Just curios.
I use notepad++ on my Windows PC. The built in Windows text editor doesn’t save the file with the correct format, and thus it never works.

I was using the latest version of Thonny, under Windows, as was suggested in the tutorial, which handles files on the Pico W.
I didn’t check, does the Badger Pico W expose itself as a USB drive when connected via USB?
If not, how does everyone else get/edit files on it?

If flashed with Micro Python, an RP2040 will not show up as a drive in file explorer.
If flashed with Circuit Python it shows up as CIRCUITPY.
I edit files on my RP2040 devices via Thonny. Via the “View Files” menu option.
I’m used to using notepad++ to edit my wpa_supplicant.conf files for my Pi’s, so that’s what I used to edit my Never thought to just do it in Thonny. Old habits die hard lol.