BadgerW News example: Redirects not yet supported


I got a Badger 2040W for Christmas and all seems to work except the News rss example doesn’t work for me. I get a message on screen that says

Redirects not yet supported

I have updated the firmware to v0.04 and I have tried different rss links, but unable to get the News example to work. Other internet connected examples work, e.g. weather.

Anything I can try to get it to work?


This came up on Discord a little while ago:

“The library used to fetch the news feed does not support HTTP redirects; the BBC redirects all requests onto https, so you should just be able to edit the URL list (lines 10-12 of to specify https instead of http.”

(note the poster of the original question never came back, which either means it worked, or they were so frustrated by it not working that they vowed never to return…)

Thank you. Yes that worked.