Weather app on Badger2040W

It looks like the open.meteo site have changed the headers on the responses to the requests for data. I’m getting an error message of “UNSUPPORTED TRANSFER-ENCODING: CHUNKED”, was okay yesterday and I reflashed the OS to be sure it wasn’t a problem with my installation.

Hmm - this example seems to be working OK for me still (and the data still looks to be structured as I remember it: )

Might be worth trying from another wifi network if you haven’t already?

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Thanks. I’m using my phone’s WiFi hot-spot, so it could be that. Will try my home network lunchtime.

Drat, my phone’s hot-spot is causing the problem, works fine at home. Odd, it was working fine on the hotspot yesterday.

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Transfer-encoding is part of the http-protocol, which is on top of the lower-level level wlan-protocol. So the hotspot can not have an influence on that layer.

Chunked-encodings are typically used for streaming: the server sends chunks of data keeping the connection open and the client can show/play the data without downloading everything in advance.

I would suspect that open-meteo had updated their website and temporarily had a misconfiguration in place.