Barcode scanner


i got my barcode scanner and started testing it!
Works really wel!

I’ve got one issue:
To scan barcodes you have use the caps-lock function on your keyboard. Otherwise you get letters instead of numbers.

Is there a setting in the scanner to put it in caps-lock mode, without your keyboard needing to be in caps-lock?

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Hi Christophe,

hmmmmmm, not sure what can cause this problem. Can you upload some pictures of your barcodes so we can test them?

Which kind of keyboard are you using? A Laptop Keyboard with some kind of function shift for numeric pad? ;)

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i’ve attached a picture of 3 codes I’ve scanned and a txt file of the scan result.
If I place the keyboard in caps-lock, the result is ok.
If i don’t place the keyboard in caps-lock, i get the result of the txt-file

I have this on a regular computer and on a laptop.


the second attachment!

Have you changed any of the settings for the scanner? You could always try resetting them to factory defaults.

On another note, how does it manage with shiny surfaces, e.g. a plastic card or through a book cover? I’m looking to get one, but if it can’t do shiny stuff then it won’t be suitable.

I’ve tried some of the settings and have reset it to factory settings. But no luck.
If the caps-lock button of the keyboard isn’t activated, you get letters instead of numbers.
Is there a setting to let it interprete it’s readings as if the caps-lock butto is on? The onboard manual has but a few codes to program the scanner.

I compared it with a professional scanner and It doesn’t always scan shiny and round objects.

I’ve managed to recreate this by changing my Keyboard to French. I’m not sure where the weirdness comes in. British works, German works, but French has a definite barcode accent which might be shared by all AZERTY keyboards!

If your OS has an option to change the map for only the barcode scanner (I doubt you want your normal keyboard to be anything other than AZERTY :-), that should fix it. I’ll see if I can find a code for changing the way the barcode scanner works as a ‘proper’ solution.

Indeed, when I change my keyboard setting to for instance USA, then the problem is solved.
But as you mention, we are Azerty-people :-)
I use a belgium (point) azerty keyboard in Windows 10.

I don’t think I can change the map for only the barcode scanner. I surely don’t know how to do that!

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