Best IoT PubSub Platform


Am experimenting with IoT. For my first project I delivered an Envirophat on Rapsberry Pi Zero W publishing out to Beebotte in real-time (thanks to @Mr_A and @alphanumeric ).

I was wondering what the other pubsub platforms might offer instead of Beebotte. E.g. Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure?

Beebotte is great but I was after some more richer charting components and ability to set alerts, do anomaly detection. A decent freemium offering is important as this is a hobby (for now).

Any guidance / thoughts welcomed.


Glad I have been able to help so far. Beebotte is good for storing data, at no / little cost, if you use their API accordingly. I have found it really nice to work with for tracking various stats from the Enviro pHAT, BME680 breakout etc., and it’s really simple to get up and running on a Pi too.

There is a similar platform called Initial State that you might want to look at: this wiki guides you through the setup.

If you also take a look at my GitHub repository, I have some examples of using Initial State (as well as Beebotte) which may help get you started:

Good luck with it all!

Thanks. Initial State doesn’t seem to have a permanent free version (14 day trial then $99 per month).

I found this tutorial on Google for Rapsberry Pi with BME280. It is a much more involved process than Beebotte but will give it shot.

I agree Beebotte is very good. Perhaps I will hook up to their API and build an alerting mechanism myself.

Hmm, they must have changed it since I signed up then - are you going to to register? Either way, good luck with it all.

Initial State doesn’t have a free long term, trial account. I’ve looked. It’s 14 days, and as a hobby effort, 14 days is nothing. I’d barely get the project programmed.

I’ve use MediumOne for logging my SenseHat data. They have a free account, as long as you don’t go over 1000 transactions per day. 1000 is not a lot, but for a hobby, logging my attic temperature, it’s good for me. Of course, they do want you to buy a paid subscription, but they only asked a few times, they don’t nag.
Is the free site, there’s a separate site for paid users.

I signed up because it was a) free and b) they have a step-by-step tutorial for the SenseHat. They have pre-defined dashboards. For triggers, they have a semi-graphical programming interface, it uses python, but you link python modules graphically.