Best MAME version to use?

Evening folks, can I ask what version of MAME is the best choice for the PiCade?

I see a few choices on the Wiki along with DATs to rebuild the relative sets but is lr-MAME2003 (MAME 0.78) still the recommend set to build?

Hi there,

I´d vote for lr-MAME2003. I´ve tried the experimental lr-mame2010 and some of the non-libreto mames and had many issues. Might be that my romsets are the problem, but lr-mame2003 simply works best for me.


Thanks, lr-fbalpha seems like a good alternative too?

I am just rebuilding a ROM set now to test.

I don’t use any libretro builds as I can’t get the hiscores to save and custom controls per game are way more confusing. I’m using MAME2003, but am willing to swap to any other build if it’s better.

I have lr-mame 2003 with more than 4000 roms and is working fine. With the cheats, etc.