Blinkt for specific GPIO of Raspberry Pi

I am using Blinkt LEDs to show different states of Raspberry Pi. As I understood from the decription of Blinkt, it uses GPIO 23 and 24 to drive the LEDs. But I have a feature in my project where I have to redirect the ACT LED of Raspberry Pi 3 (green light indication) to any GPIO and show it using different LED. This I am doing by adding the below line in config.txt

dtoverlay=pi3-act-led, activelow=off, gpio=15

Now problem is Blinkt covers the entire GPIO set and no where I can connect different LED to GPIO 15. Is there a way to bring this green LED indication from GPIO 15 to any LED of Blinkt ??

To get access to the GPIO pins mount a Proto Zero or Proto Hat between your Pi and Blinkt. Just use a stacking header that is male one end and female on the other end. The one here with the 11mm pins.

Another way to do it is mount one of these in there someplace between the Pi and Blinkt. Like in the picture.