Blinkt: is it possible to change the way we plug?


I’m interested in Blink! but according to details page it sits directly on top of your Pi.

I have three PI zeros one on top of each other, as a stack, and I want to use blinkt in a different position. Very similar to the one created by Alex.

Does anybody know if that’s possible?



I’m not 100% sure I picture the physical limitation of your setup… but all you need is to link up BCM23 and 24 from the Pi (and power of course) to their equivalent on the female header of the blinkt, for example with jumper wires.


Sorry, but I’m completely newbie and this is my first time playing with PI’s. :)

I don’t want to use the blinkt! the same way we can see on those photos, I want to use it at a 90° angle.

In that case I need to buy one one this: Male Right-Angle 40-pin Header right?


Possibly. If your zero has no header yet than your options are still very open. If not there are some headers out there you might be able to pop onto the zero and shove the Blinkt at a 90 degree angle.

… it’s very hard to tell you what might be possible without knowing how your Pis all fit together currently to be honest.