Breakout hat with BME680


Just getting started with the breakout hat. Pi 3B+ was working fine, I grabbed the examples and shut it down. Added the breakout hat complete with BME680 and reinserted power. Now I have no green booting light.

What did I do wrong and is it fatal for my pi?

Thanks in advance

I have checked the SD card boots an older pi so I think I have not corrupted it somehow.

I would remove the Breakout Garden Hat and see if the Pi then boots up OK.
If it does its likely OK.
Next step would be to plug the hat back on all by itself and see if the Pi boots up.
If it does, power down and plug in the BME680 back in and see what happens.
Make sure the BME680 is facing the right way in the socket. .

Thanks, the pi doesn’t boot without the hat.

The breakout garden says there isn’t a wrong way around (at least not a harmful one) and I didn’t get so far as to see if it was actually working.

" We’ve built reverse polarity protection into our Pimoroni breakouts, meaning that there’s no magic blue smoke if you accidentally plug one in the wrong way round."

I was going to go confirm that there was no wrong way around. I was just leaving for an appointment when posting and didn’t have time to go have a look see.

Do you have a multi meter handy? I’d check to see if your getting 3.3V on the GPIO pin.

If you don’t have a multi meter about the only thing you can do is put a working Micro SD card from another Pi “that you have recently run sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade on”. And make sure to use a known working power supply.

Hmm. My multi-meter has not been seen in many a year, may need to explore the loft!

Thanks for the help, will let you know when I have a chance to investigate further.