Broken headphone jack on Picade PCB

Hi everyone.

I built Picade yesterday. It worked after configuring the config.txt to get the screen work

But i have a hiss and crackle sound. Tried to fix it but it doesnt work satisfying.
So i wanted to check if the sound via headphones is bad too. I took a headphone and wanted to connect it to the pcb. Then the jack broke off. I always take care of all my stuff and handle it with care.
This headphone jack seems to be lose. So it broke.
What can i do now?

If you email they should be able to sort you out with a new one

I worte to support with no reaction :(
So i hope they will reply. If not i have to buy a new PCB :’(

no, that won’t happen… I’ll prod people but I suspect they may have already replied, have you checked your spam folder?

in the meantime, you might want to re-solder the connector, this is a fairly straightforward job, though you need to take care not to jam the switch. The worst thing that can happen is that your repair does nothing to provide you with working sound.

Thanks for your reply. My spam-folder is empty.
Repairing it by myself would definitly make it worse. And i dont have the epuipment for that. Maybe the support could handle that problem.
I will await the answer.

I tried 3 times by mail to get an answer of the support. No reaction until now. I am disapointed because others talk about the good pimoroni support.
So i have to order a new PCB by myself.

I thought it could get another way.

Sorry for the delay you’ve had getting a response for support. I’ve brought it to their attention and we’ll sort you out a replacement.

Note: Because you sent multiple tickets about the same issue, they were merged in our system and received the date of the most recent ticket which would have bumped you down the queue. This is an unfortunate consequence of how our system handles duplicates. For future reference, it’s better to send one email and wait for a response.

Would you be able to turn that into a notice somewhere as it would sure help out around here if people knew that


The support told me that i will get a replacement.
It was a bit my fault because i wrote too often to the support. And they opened many support tickets just for me.

I am 100 % satisfied.

Thanks a lot

You’re welcome. We’ll look into ways to improve the process so this doesn’t happen.

I think an auto-responder would help a lot here. I’ve mentioned it, but I don’t know how forgiving our ticketing system is when setting up such things.