No sound on Picade, faulty soldering suspected on Picade PCB

Hello team

I think I am cursed with building my new Picade.

After a faulty screen which was kindly replaced by a brand new one and is working perfectly well now - thanks Pimoroni for your efficient help on this - I have some serious sound issues with the internal speakers.

If I plug the Raspberry Pi to headphones, sound is OK, same if I connect the Pi directly yo TV using HDMI, sound is perfectly OK.

Sound is set to ‘auto’ by the way in the config panel.

Sound is also ‘acceptable’ if I connect headphones to the dedicated headphone jack of the Picade PCB, although the sound is far less crisp and loud compared to the Pi, but still I can at least hear some sound from it.

However if I connect the Picade speakers to the Pi through the PCB, as instructed in the manual, then I get no sound at all. I have noticed that the sound jack connector on the Picade PCB is slightly loose and if I slightly press it down with my finger with the audio cord connected, then the Picade screen suddenly turns black, I get some sound from the loaded game for a few seconds or so, then the screen comes back to life but no sound at all is heard from the speakers.

I have attached a couple of images from the Picade PCB.

Please help on this, I am starting to get desperate to get my Picade work.

Many thanks

Right, yes, the audio in jack is barely attached at all! try to solder it back down on all anchor points… it’s quite a straightforward job, the pads are big and away from any delicate components.

Thanks, I will try to solder it back down tomorrow but I doubt this will make a difference, as when I press and hold it down to its anchor points, no sound is played, but I will try this anyway and report back the outcome.

The soldering did the trick and everything is working OK by now, thanks for your help on this!

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