Broken my Kickstarter board firmware. How to repair?


I’m in the process of bringing my original Kickstarter Picade back to life.

I am having sound issues and thought that updating the board firmware would be a good idea.


I stupidly flashed the update, then read the rest of the git instructions about the updated not being for the original purple KS boards.

So, I delved into this link here, which linked to a .hex file.

Not knowing what I was doing I saved the text as a .hex file and flashed it using the./update {filename} method.

Result = one borked board.

So, then I dug out some jumper jerky and crocodile clips and used avrdude to flash the /other/picade_original.hex file.

(Yes, that is a original first gen Pi, so finding the pinouts added a bit of extra fun.)

So, now the board has firmware, but no joystick.

My question is twofold:

  • Is there a hex file of the original firmware I can use with the ./update {filename} method?
  • How do I take the .hex file linked to and use it, what do I need, do I use avrdude again and does the file have to be in any special format?

Thanks in advance,


WOW I really hope there is a fix for you. If not do what I did…Just replace the picade board with something else.

My picade board started to act funny so after me trying to resolve the issue I just moved on and use the above USB encoder.