Picade pcb keymapping


I’ve got the picade pcbs that say “kickstarter” on the back. They’re blue boards. Anyway. I want to run two on my windows pc and of course they’re running the same mapping.

I think I can upgrade the firmware on these devices but looks like I need a pi to do it, and I can’t find mine :(.

  1. can I upgrade the firmware without a pi
  2. if I try to update through the arduino ide, I get an error about the keyboard file not being found.
  3. is there an easier way to make windows 7 see two of these as two different keyboards? Any windows apps I could use to remap the keys without doing anything to the picade pcbs?

Thanks all.

-an extreme newbie.

You’re barking up the right tree, at least, but it’s possible the Arduino IDE has moved on since I last built the firmware and broken things. You might find that just deleting #include <Keyboard.h> makes it build, but unfortunately you’ll also find that the pinout for the kickstarter board differs enough from the retail that this firmware wont quite work.

Actually I thought I’d dropped that line ages ago!

It shouldn’t be too tricky to get the retail Picade firmware working properly on the Kickstarter board. Just a few pin swaps and some extra buttons to add in. Could have sworn I made a start on this somewhere. I’ll try and look into it this weekend.

Okay I’m a fool! The reason why I didn’t drop that line is because it’s necessary. Arduino doesn’t find it because the wrong board is selected in Tools -> Board.

Make sure you have “Arduino Leonardo” selected.

Okay I’ve quickly whipped up some bindings for the Kickstarter board, I’m pretty sure something will have gone wrong here, but if you’re willing to give it a try you can find it here: https://github.com/pimoroni/Picade-Sketch/tree/kickstarter

If you’re not Git-literate, on the above page, hit the green “Clone or Download” button, then “Download Zip” This should get you the Kickstarter version of the code.

You should be able to use the Arduino Serial Monitor to send commands to the board and change/save the config.