Picade Firmware Updaate?

Hi all,

I’m having trouble finding any recent posts about this so I thought I’d just ask.

I’m in the US, and just got a Picade kit from Adafruit, but can’t tell if I should be trying to update the Picade PCB firmware or not given the age of the most recent posts about it. Would the PCB that I received be relatively updated already? Sorry in advance if this is a silly question.

Thanks very much for your help!

It should work just fine.

Hi Sandy, thanks for your reply. I can confirm that it does indeed work well, I’ve been playing all weekend. I read a bunch of posts about firmware updates that can change it from being recognized as a keyboard to being recognized as a joypad, and I can see why that might be useful if also having a USB keyboard plugged in, so as not to confuse btw the real keyboard and the picade pcb “keyboard,” but I’ve not run into any significant hindrances so far, so…all’s well that ends well!

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