Picade with retropie 4.1 controller problems

I have constructed my own picade this weekend and everything is fine, except for the controls…

I have installed a raspberry pi 3B in the picade. Using Retropie as the software on the sdcard.

I already uncommented the line for hdmi, so my screen is working perfectly.

The only problem left is setting up the controls…
I have followed all wiring as stated in the youtube video.

Volumecontrol for the speakers works like a charm, the other controls unfortunately do not get recognized.

I have attached a keyboard to the pi and logging keys works. Usb-cables have been exchanged and work aswell. I have been able to setup controlbuttons and stick just once after using a keyboard, but before that (for about 10 reboots) and after that one time, it just does not seem to recognize the picade pcb as a usb-controller… can anybody help out please?

support from pimoroni advised me to update the software on the pcb, but I have zero experience in doing so… can anybody help me out with a step by step guide please?

  • do I put the unzipped files from github on the sdcard? do I put them on a usbdrive?
  • How do i reach the necessary files from the retropie install?
    etc etc…

I really am clueless…

to update the firmware, hit ‘F4’ when in Emulation Station, then at the console type:

curl https://http://get.pimoroni.com/picadefw | bash

when prompted choose the standard firmware.

… to verify that the pcb is registered as a usb device, use


(it should react to button pressed as long as connected to Picade terminals, nothing else needed)

Using showkey : none of the keypresses show up…

Installing the firmware update : the whole thing runs and ends with : if the update does not continue automatically press reset on your picade… reset button on the pcb does nothing…

then it looks like a failure on the USB side… try different cables maybe. If all fails you may have a faulty Picade PCB.

… if lsusb does not list the following then the device is simply not detected by the Pi:

Device xxx ID 2341:8036 Arduino SA Leonardo (CDC, ACM, HID)

Nope the arduino pcb does not show upon lsusb… can I exchange the card for a working one?

you need to contact support@pimoroni.com for a replacement… feel free to reference this thread as a means to show you tried to troubleshoot the problem (and that my conclusion is that the board is dead, or at least the USB transmission).