Buttons not work (but Joystick and speaker does?!) Help!

Here is my setup:

  • Pi 3B
  • Latest Picade 10in kit (suitable for Pi 4 with USB-C)
  • CanaKit 2.5A power for Pi
  • Separate CanaKit 2.5A power for 10in Screen
  • Fresh install Retropi 4.5.1

I updated the Xhat with the command line curl https:// … etc…
And it seemed to update ok. I rebooted and…

The joystick can navigate the menus ok. But none of the buttons work. Neither the 6 on the front or the 4 on the side. I can hear sound from the speaker (if that’s relevant).

I’ve made sure the spade connectors are seated ok, double-checked the instructions and watched the video.

Does it matter which pin on the button should go to ground? Does the orientation of the black plug to the Xhat work?

Does it matter that I am using a Pi 3B with the Picade Raspi4 version?

Thanks - this is driving me nuts!!

It doesn’t matter which pin on the button goes to ground. The two pins are shorted together when the button is pressed. Take you finger off the button and its an open circuit again.

I don’t think it matters if its a Pi 3 or Pi 4. There are threads here where some went back to a Pi 3 to get the Picade software working.

Edited out wrong info.

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There is no daisy-chained ground with the XHAT. Each button has its own pair of wires that go to the connector on the XHAT. It doesn’t matter which way round they’re connected to the button or the XHAT.

RetroPie 4 is compatible with the Pi 3B.

Did you go through the Configure Input wizard after you installed the XHAT driver? If not, you need to do it. If you did, what happened when you pressed the buttons?

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Argh! Needed to go into Configure Input in Emulation Station.

(I know that must be completely obvious to most folks but in my defence there was no mention of that in the included instructions. It says to update the drivers and then you are good to go. I thought the drivers would configure all the buttons.)

Now I need to figure out the mappings (especially MAME) but thats for another thread…


Not your fault, I think the instructions should be better.

You can post here for help with the various emulation systems, but most of the discussions here are about the setup and initial config of the Picade system. For help with the various emulation systems, try the RetroPie forums.