Can i widen holes on pimoroni hats without damaging any circuitry?

I have unicorn phat and explorer phat and i was curious if i can drill 3mm holes (widen existing holes) to put in M3 screws without damaging any circuits on those boards? Boards are totally black so i can’t see traces! I am AWARE that i won’t be able to return those boards in case of any faults and that i will loose warranty!!!

If I remember correctly, the holes on our pHATs are already 2.8mm diameter so it’s pretty close. They have a 6mm “restrict” zone around them where there are no traces so you should be absolutely fine to drill them out carefully.

Thanks for quick reply.

Drilling part won’t be problem, but yes you need to be really careful when you drill stuff.

I was curious if it was still possible to buy Pibow pizero v 1.2 case?