Mounting Enviro boards

I recently bought and Enviro Weather (Pico W Aboard) and have been struggling to understand the communication issues I am having! But, for the moment I’e given up on InfluxDB and am working woth io.adafruot since it seems to be working. So now I move on to the next stage - putting the board out in the wild! A bit surprised to find that the mounting holes in the board are 2mm in diameter. I don’t have anything that small. Nor do Pimoroni sell anything that small. Is there anything close to the mounting holes that might be damaged if I open these out to 2.5mm holes?

There are M2 nuts and bolts in this kit.
Bolt set - Philips screws, nuts and washers (330 pcs) (
I wouldn’t expect there to be any tracks close to those mounting holes. Me personally, I would if I had to, expand them to 2.5 mm. That being said, it’s still a do so at your own risk type of deal.

There are indeed! Don’t know how I missed that because I looked at that kit - ah well, you see what you expect to see perhaps. Anyway, might try opening up the holes (at my own risk).