Can LEDShim be installed upside down?


I just bought the nice little LEDShim LED SHIM but it doesn’t fit in my case! I want to use it the other way up so instead of poking out the top of the Pi it points down towards the body of the Pi. Like to rotate the thing flat through 180 degrees, so the LEDs still point out the way of course

but of course that will mess up all the pins. Is there any way I can modify the library or something so all the instructions that used to point to pin 1 now point to pin 40?

Actually I guess not because of the power. But maybe it’s possible??


No, because ,as you surmised, of the power pins. Bad things will likely happen if you do that.

Well actually nothing terrible happens, it just gives a lot of errors when you try to run the example scripts but works fine when it’s the correct way round. Ask me how I know lol

Thanks for answering!

Yeah, it only uses a few pins so no harm done.
LED SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout