Can't install RPUSBDISP at kernel 4.9.80-v7+


I am runing RPi 3B
When I try to run rp_usbdisplay/ I get the message:
Sorry. Current running kernel is not supported.
Linux Augustus 4.9.80-v7+ #1098 SMP Fri Mar 9 19:11:42 GMT 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

:~/rp_usbdisplay $ ./

Easy Robopeak/DFRobot USB Display Installer v2.0
Written and maintained by Phil @Gadgetoid Howard

Support & Issues:

For best results, please make sure you're running
a supported kernel and that your RFRobot USB display
is plugged in.

USB display detected.

Continue installing? [y/N] y

Checking for 4.1.13+

Checking for 4.1.13-v7+

Checking for 4.1.18-v7+

Checking for 4.1.19

Checking for 4.1.19-v7+

Checking for 4.1.6+

Checking for 4.1.6-v7+

Checking for 4.1.7-v7+

Checking for 4.4.13+

Checking for 4.4.13-v7+

Checking for 4.4.21+

Checking for 4.4.21-v7+

Checking for 4.4.38+

Checking for 4.4.38-v7+

Checking for 4.4.50+

Checking for 4.4.50-v7+

Checking for 4.4.9+

Checking for 4.4.9-v7+

Checking for 4.9.24+

Checking for 4.9.24-v7+

Sorry. Current running kernel is not supported.
Linux Augustus 4.9.80-v7+ #1098 SMP Fri Mar 9 19:11:42 GMT 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux
Please see:
pi@Augustus:~/rp_usbdisplay $


Linux kernel 4.9.80+ is the latest just released for the 3B+. Phil likely hasn’t had a chance to update the installer for that yet. I’m not sure if 4.9.24-v7+ is Jessie or Stretch? @gadgetoid would know though.
Release notes for Raspbian are here
Images (older ones if needed) are here,


Keeping ahead of the kernel releases was proving somewhat laborious, so I switched to DKMS instead which is detailed here:


Thanks gadgetoid!


Again I’m in trubbel with RPUSBDISP after update raspbian to the latest kernel (4.14.52-v7)
When I try to follow the instruktions i get the follow messages:

dkms is already the newest version (2.3-2).
raspberrypi-kernel-headers is already the newest version (1.20180817-1).


pi@Augustus:~ $ sudo dpkg -i rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb
dpkg: fel: cannot access archive ‘rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb’: File or folder does not exist


Looks like you’re trying to install from your home directory, rather than the folder in which rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb is downloaded to. You need to download rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb either via a git clone, or just save the file out of GitHub in order to install it with dpkg.


I tried this in folder /home/pi:

pi@Augustus:~ $ sudo dpkg -i rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb

dpkg-deb: error: “rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb” is not a debianarchive
dpkg:error when working archive rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb (–install):
underprocessen dpkg-deb --control gave errorcode 2
Error rised during handling:

What am I doing wrong?


You’ll need to download using the “View Raw” link on GitHub, otherwise you may just be getting a webpage:

Go here, and click “View Raw”:

I’ll add this file to releases to make it easier to grab without cloning the whole repository.

Edit: Direct link:


I get the file:
and installed it in folder:
and run:
sudo dpkg -i rp-usbdisplay-dkms_1.0_all.deb

sudo reboot

Result: OK!!!

Many Thanks!