Installation probelmes Robopeak 28" USB-Display

Hi folks,
I’m trying for a while now to get a 2.8"Robopeak USB-display running on my RaspberryPi 2 (Kernel 4.1.19-v7+, Raspbian Jessy).
I followed the procedure described at GitHub (ALL steps in the chapter “Installing”).
As I’m a bloody beginner, I don’t understand, what to do with the steps in the chapter “Manually”.
As I found out in several forums (for example in gemrany), users have quite a lot trouble to get this particular device running…

Thanks a lot in advance


The only steps you should need to get it installed are:

git clone
cd rp_usbdisplay

You should see the Pimoroni logo on the screen when finishes. If not, something’s gone wrong with the install process.