Change picade's switch functionality

I will be using my picade into a toy I’m enhancing, and the toy was controlled by a key acting as a momentary switch (Turn right to close the circuit, turn left to open it).

I made some tests with the picade but its power functionality seems to work like a toggle switch (toggle once to power on, toggle once agin to power off).

Is there a way to change this power on functionality ?

I think you may have your switches backwards, description wise.
To me toggle means latch, stays in a fixed position. Like your light switch in your wall of your house.
Push it one way and it stays that way, lights are on. Toggle it the other way and its off and the lights are off.
Momentary is on while pressed, off when released, like a doorbell button.

The picade / arcade buttons are momentary, on only while depressed. I used some with my own custom pirate radio. And I do believe the button on the picade board is a momentary push button.

Does your key switch actually latch in a fixed position when turned? Or does it go back to the center position when released? .

Sorry for the misunderstanding then.

The picade’s default behaviour is :

  • power on when button is pressed
  • power off when button is pressed again

When I test with two wires on the “on” hole and its ground hole, the picade powers on when the two wires connect and powers off when the two wires connect again.

I wanted to know if there was a way to power on only when the wires were connected / the button was pressed and to power off when the wires were released.

I’m thinking probably not, using the picade boards power button / connection. Somebody from Pimoroni like Phil @gadgetoid or maybe Sandy @sandyjmacdonald may know for sure.
Is that actually how your key switch works?

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