CO2 sensor for Enviro for Raspberry Pi + Air Quality?

For my first Rasberry PI project, I am considering buying Enviro for Raspberry Pi + Air Quality along with PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor. I would like to add an affordable CO2 sensor that would require minimal config and no soldering.

In this post, @gadgetoid recommended mh-z14a.

Could anyone confirm that mh-z14a would work and explain how to connect it? if no, could you recommend an alternative?


The datasheet explains how to connect it: you can use PWM, UART or an analog voltage. The main UART bus on the Pi is used for the PMS5003, but there’s an analog-to-digital converted on the EnviroPlus which you could use for the analog signal. You’ll probably need to write your own code to convert it into something meaningful though, there’s an equation for that in the datasheet.