Enviro +Air Quality

Do I need the PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor with Cable
for the Enviro Air Quality monitor to work with the Raspberry Pi.

My plan is to build a mobile air quality device with the Pi Zero W and the Sphero RVR.


I’m not sure? The + has the MICS6814 analog gas sensor on board.
And a Google search on that found this.
Have a read and see what you think?

The PMS5003 is only required if you want the PM1/2.5/10 particulate values. You don’t need it to use the other sensors on the board, but if you want a mobile air quality device the PM sensor is probably one of the more useful parts. Bear in mind that the MiCS-6814 can’t tease out concentrations of individual gasses, it gives you a grouped overall value representing all of the gasses in a group which it is sensitive to.

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